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This line of Hand Painted shirts is called Use Your Words for a reason. It focuses on using words to convey a central message of love not hate, of standing up and being counted for equality for all in a way that promotes the values and teaching of great teachers like Jesus, Buddha, Martin Luther King., Mother Teresa and others. Each shirt is an individual creation made using recycled paints to create stains and designs on white button down shirts Designs can be done on both cotton or linen shirts. The shirts are all hand dyed and painted, Each shirt is a combination of colors and design elements as each shirt is custom made the shirt design is discussed with customer to get a feel for what they are wanting but, ultimately that interpretation of that design is left to the artist who will incorporate those design element such as scripture Books Chapters or Verses, Buddhism Quotes, Foreign language words


These shirts are meant to convey positive messages of Hope


Shirt Design Styles



  1. I am a Child of …


  2. &God Said... Faith In Action


  3. &Buddha Said... Faith in Action


  4. &Mother Said.... Faith In Action (Mother Theresa)


  5. &Jesus Said.... Love In Action


  6. & Buddha Said..... Love In Action


  7. &Mother said.... Love in Action


  8. Book Chapter Ver.


  1. What would Mother Do?..... (Mother Theresa Quote.)


  2. Courageous Resistance


  3. Cancer Survivor and Fighter Shirts

  4. Red Ribbon Shirt


  5. Other custom designs



All Bible based shirts speak to love and acceptance and are painted on shirts as Book Name Chapter Number and Verse Number. ie John 13:34-35. )

All Buddha Quotes are direct


All Mother Theresa Quotes are direct


No Hate or foul speech

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