Ramblings of a mixed-race Black Man

by r.e. bertlow

Ramblings of a mixed-race Black man

r.e. bertlow

WTF Book Him Dano

I am so tired of this Shit. Now he wants a send off parade. Kick his ass to the curb baby. We ain’t got time for all of that.  He needs to go.  Airforce One  doesn’t need to take him no damn place let him book a commercial flight to wherever the hell he is going. And while you’re at it check the damn boxes he packed and get that bust of Lincoln back to the White House. This man has got a lot of nerve. A damn parade. No, no, no child this man has got to go. Just take his dumbass out the door, cause he don’t live there anymore and do your hair toss check your nails Baby how you doing, Feeling good as hell.


I just saw the knew racist Hulu commercial. Why are companies still getting away with ad campaigns that promote subtle racism? This new Hulu commercial wear the black rapper sells out for more money is disgusting as far as I am concerned. It would have only been made worse if he were wearing gold grill. Hulu should know better. I’m tired of black me being portrayed as sell outs and leavers. These perceptions are what have led to the devaluation of the Black man and men of colors life and live, respectively. We can no longer tolerate the subtle racism that seeps through out TV sets and movie screens companies have to do better. There is no excuse for this.


I’m done with people who don’t get it. To often I have tried to explain to someone why I am  my husband caretaker or why their racism is wrong. But I am done. If what I say doesn’t resonate with you the first time and you are telling me that I  am wrong. I have learned two things; it won’t resonate with you and I’m to old to try and make resonate with you. This is a very hard truth for me to realize and stand by and I faulter at times but stand by it I must even though I want to break through and shake them awake. I am trying to resist doing this because it is like hitting them over the head with a hammer. It just tends to make them double down. And Most of the people I know that do this are not worth the effort. I need to get to the place where I realize all the of the people that do this are not worth the effort, but I am not at that place yet. Maybe I’ll get there someday.

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