Good afternoon, my name is Russ Bertlow. I live in Palm Springs California. On Mondays and Tuesdays I along with other members of my UCC congregation Bloom In The Desert Ministries ( go down to the baptist church on the north end of town and serve lunches. In doing so over the last year I have met a lot of truly neat people who have dogs or cats. Tom has his dog Zela and the two live in the San Jacinto Mt's somewhere in a place he made. Zela is Toms life. But Tom had two other dogs before Zela. Unfortunately both those dogs died because Tom couldn't afford the vaccines needed to keep his dogs healthy. Monday January 29 Twila came to me asking if I knew where she could get her dogs vaccinated spayed and neutered without cost because all her money has gone to rent and food and there is no extra money. Luaral need's a vet for her little senior dog but can't afford the cost as she has a very limited income. We (Myself and Bloom in the Desert Members) put together pet bags that include dry food, wet food and some treats. We do this for the cats as well and for senior dogs we give them extra portions of wet food in place of the dry dog food.) What we are trying to establish is Vet services for these pets so they do get vaccinated and the get at least one check up a year and any follow up care needed. These pets are the only thing at times that make live worth living. Owners will give up their own meals for their pets. When we keep these pets healthy we keep all pets healthy because these pets are in our communities on our streets and our pets when we walk them take them to dog parks and else where come into contact with them so it is wise to keep them healthy. Not just because it is humane but moreover because we are humane as people. When we take care of the least of use we raise the rest of us higher. So I am writing you to see if there is any assistance or guidance you can provide us with to help us achieve the goal of providing vaccinations and medical exams for the pets of those who are either homeless or live below poverty level. Maybe once a month. Please let me know if there is anyway your organization can help us. Thank you and Blessings to you and the work you do on behalf of pets.



PS. These are my dogs I'd be lost without them. They are all rescues except the lab which was a gift from a boss when we had lost another lab due to cancer.

First we have RustyRoo the Chihuahua he is 11 years old we adopted him 3 years ago from the city shelter Next is Patsy Cline She is a Mix with Ice blue eyes. She is Three She was adopted from the county shelter (a kill shelter.) back in September she had been found on the streets and I would imagine with her speed was incredibly hard to catch. Then there is Joe the Lab He was give to my spouse by his boss when he was 7 weeks old. He is the only non rescue dog we have owned. Joe is 12 years old and finally Cooper in the tub. Cooper we were told was five he was brought in off the streets as well. Our vet informed us he was only three. He was in the kennel next to Patsy. when we got him he had pneumonia and we didn't even know it until we brought them both (Patsy and he.) to the vet for initial exams after adoption.

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