Dear Ellen, I was wondering if you would share my Go Fund Me Link with your celebrity friends so that they and you could donate even just 5 dollars to my campaign.


Here is why I am asking this. We have started a marketing company called Dog Pound Marketing. We run what we call The Good News Boards two (2) 50-inch monitors on the side of a golf cart we had made. (We had inherited some money from my husbands’ mother when she passed.) Our goal is to have positive messages run between ads as a mobile Messaging unit. We run it up and down downtown palm Springs. (Here is a link to our  ride: is a link to our message:  We were just getting started after many delays and problems when we now have to shelter in place and we cannot  sell spots on the Good News Board or even go downtown with it. We are now behind in our mortgage and may lose our home. I should back up to the beginning and tell you how this all came about.


About 5 years ago we bought a used golf cart we had a senior dog who wasn’t moving as fast and we found we liked it as did the dogs. About that time, I learned that my Son had cancer and I had to take a leave from my job to help take care of him. It meant I had to go to Sacramento where he had been moved to. At this time my Husband and I had saving and my husband still had his job working for a wealthy man who said he had a job for life because he had been invaluable during his divorce and because he had been horribly abused by his ex. But he would never put it in writing. (But that is another story.) So, we trusted his employment would continue and I went every other week to Sutter Hospital in Sacramento to take care of my son and give his mother some time back home in Windsor CA.  Even with my husband’s paycheck we started seeing our saving deplete. But it was worth it because I got two more years with this amazing aspiring Director who had just been given praise for his film Accordion Man at Windsor California’s first International Film Festival. (I’d always dreamed I’d be sitting at the Oscars watching him receive best director that won’t happen but that footage of him at his Q and A for his first Film Festival that I filmed that night is priceless.) After my son passed, I went into a deep depression and it took a toll on my husband’s Bipolar 1 and Manic Depression as well as the sever depression he had. For both of us it was a pretty tough time. 8 months after our son died, we lost our cocker spaniel and our sheltie corgi back to back. our beloved Cocker Elton John had to be put down on a Friday and my beloved corgi sheltie BuddyBoi drowned in our pool on that next Monday. Elton was 19yr 9 mo. and Buddy had just turned 18 yrs. that August. (We took them on a vacation to San Diego for Buddy’s birthday along with the Lab, Joe who is now 14 and the chihuahua, RustyRhu who is now 13. All of the dog loved running along the beach except for Elton he just liked finding the shade of some one’s umbrella.

By this time, we had already been riding downtown Palm Springs of the golf cart we had, and we had a speaker and would play our Amazon play list. People would dance to our music and give us a hi5 or the peace sign. It was a bit surreal, but the dogs enjoyed it and we did two. I wasn’t working as I had been laid off after my son passed away. So, I wanted to find something my husband and I could do together, and we tried our hand at on-line pet food sales, and it was not what they purported the franchise to be. During this time, I was finding my husband’s Bipolar and OCD was making it very hard for him to function on a day to day. There where days where he would not get out of bed. Those day I felt I had to be up even though I wanted to just sleep like my husband I felt I couldn’t.

We weren’t going downtown as much but when we were it was nice. We had adopted two dog Patsy Cline and Bradly Cooper and They enjoyed the Golf Cart Trips with the other dogs Joe and Rusty.

Steve’s mom finally passed away and he was due a small inheritance, but it was enough to get us started in business at something. His (Steve’s) Older brother was handling the estate and everyone would get what was due them once the house was fixed up and sold. Steve’s brothers have a difficult time dealing with him because he has Bipolar But we went and helped and as we peeled back a carpet in one room there were pellets from a shotgun underneath. I knew instantly what they were from. When Steve was 7, he got home from school and a shot run out and his mother asked him to go into the room and se what was happening with his oldest brother. He discovered a horrible scene in which his brother was not saved. It was all he could do to stay, and we left shortly after and it was a few weeks before he was able to return. The house eventually got sold after about 14 months and we were able to get our golf cart and screen and it took about another 6 months before we were up and running. That put us into December of 2019. We had set a little aside from the inheritance but even that was almost gone. We trudged through though and went downtown during the day and evening 7 days a week with positive messages and mock ads on our screens and all the information to contact us about ads. We had a slogan put on the side of our golf cart that said Helping to Feed Pets of the Homeless (I hand out 50 + kits each week when I serve lunches for the Well in the Desert’s lunch service program. A kit has some contains some dry food some wet food and some treats. The ones for dogs are called Buddy Bags (After my Buddy.) and the cat bags are Lucy Bags. After our friend’s cat Lucy. My church Bloom in The Desert has been a wonderful supporter of this ministry.) We keep kits in the back of the golf cart and when we see a homeless person with a pet, we give them 2 or three.


We were just getting people saying that they were going to advertise with us soon but nothing now. It was very frustrating, but we held on we kept the mortgage paid with a line of credit we had but that wasn’t enough. We have now behind in our payments.


Ellen, I started this go fund me page because I found something that my Husband could do with his Bipolar and Manic Depression as well as his severe depression. I knew he couldn’t work at a Costco or even an office or hotel. He can barely get through some day and for all the medications he takes to help some days they just don’t. As if all this wasn’t enough, I recently had a very big health scare. They thought I had acute liver siroccos because my endoscopy should a rather large number of varices with indicate Liver siroccos and most likely Liver cancer. (I’m happy to say after all the test that were done it seems they have all come out clean.) It was a terrifying ride for a couple of weeks but, we got through it.


My goal is to raise the funds me need to be able to continue to spread the good news  in these difficult times and to continue to provide pet food to those homeless with pets as well as create a work environment that my husband and I can work together in the takes into account his extreme OCD and his Bipolar 1.

Ellen I am such a huge fan of yours. I watched you from your very first special in the 80’s all the way through now. I’m hoping you will help us out I know it is a long shot but I believe 2 things as long as I do continue to try and walk in the footsteps of Jesus it will provide me with what I need as long as I walk the walk. And I believe in Good people they are the true miracles. All I want to be is a good person and my part I hope you have seen that in this letter and can help. I love my husband we have been together 20-year March 12, 202 and married 5 years March 14, 2020. All I want to do is see him happy and he is happy when we are out on the Golf Cart downtown. He loves doing what we are doing because it makes other people smile with out him having to get to close (OCD.) But it has also tamed his OCD as people want to learn more about who we are or want to make a donations to Buddy/Lucy bags.


Thank you for reading my letter I know it was very, very long so I thank you I hope you will share our go fund me page:  with your friend and I hope you will all donate. Please feel free to call me I know you have to check these things out (760) 832-1122 Cell (760)864-1122-Home Cell email is


Thank You and Blessing to you


Russ Bertlow

The Dog Pound

Dog Pound Marketing

Live Ride Video

PS. I will be completely honest with you and disclose we both use medical cannabis. Me for my severe depression and Steve, my Husband for Sever Depression and his Bipolar 1 and sometimes it is the only thing that gets him going.

PPS We also have a Go fund me page for feeding pets of the Homeless:  Cause4pawsPS

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