There is always time for Dress Up

There is always time for dress up

By r.e.bertlow



Thomas Roberta Hawthorne Yang was a child of 10 years who identified as as non binary.




From very early on Thomas felt he was neither boy nor girl rather possessing traits of both.





Thomas Roberta loved his name because it matched him perfectly.





Not just boy or girl but both.





Thomas Roberta has two moms. Mommy Sandy and Momma Denise.





Thomas Roberta loves to dress up and put on shows.





Thomas Roberta will put on a show for whomever will watch.





Thomas Roberta’s cousins were always in the Show when it came to their house.






Thomas Roberta always brought costumes for each of the cousins.



Thomas Roberta Always had an idea for a show.




Thomas Roberta would arrive at his cousins house with his moms ready to put on a show.



Thomas Roberta would gather her cousins AnnaMae, JoPaul and John Michael up and the would go rehearse the show Thomas Roberta had planned.



After Dinner was done they would all gather in the Great room at Thomas Roberta’s cousins house,



Thomas Roberta was always the Host/Hostess and would done her persona Angie or Ang a wisecracking New Yorkerish type

He and his cousins played various characters.



They would sing, dance and tell jokes.



Their parents would sit back and watch the show enjoying every single moment.



After the show was finished and everyone had take their bows and curtain calls it was desert time.



Thomas Roberta’s cousins had made peach cobbler. One of Thomas Roberta’s favorite desserts.




They all enjoyed dessert but, the hour was getting late and the children tired.



Alas it was time to go go.



Momma’s Sandy and Denise loaded up their little star in the car along with the small suite case of costumes.



They arrived home and Momma Sandy carried their tuckered out little one to bed while momma Denise grabbed the suit case.



She tucked her little one in as Momma Denise came into the room and at once both gave Thomas Roberta a kiss good night. Momma Denise said Good Night little one we love you very much.

To which Thomas Roberta replied. I love you to mommies.



Thomas Roberta fell fast asleep with dreams of future show dancing all around.








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