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Growing up 4 miles out of town and in the foot hills of our town it was an ideal place for people to drop off unwanted dogs. We always took care of everyone that found it's way to our house. Some dogs were very active, some where old, some where sick and some just unwanted, By the time they found our house they would be taken care of until the end of their lives.I grew up with dogs and cats. We always had a dog and a “Wild Cat' as they were called. Lived outside but we would provide them water. We lived in the country and had a very good well that was fed by a spring that rose above ground and created a little stream where the cats would drink.

e they had found a home where they could live out their days in relative comfort with no fear of going hungry or thirsty and given lots of love and attention and whenever we could manage it snuck into the house. As \a kid I made my dogs dog food birthday cakes (soaked dry food put into an old pie tin and shaped and cut up with a piece for each dog,). They where all happy dogs and live long lives unless they were sick then that was a different story. Their lives were not so long. I can remember one in particular. Her tag said Silvia but that was it. She was a very sweet German Shepard and I cried long and hard when she past.


Growing up with dogs gave me a real appreciation for dog. I could not imagine my life without one. I have been rescued and saved more than once by my dogs. And would be so lost with out a dog in my life. Currently my husband and I have 4 dogs and it has been that way for about four years now.


In September we lost our two oldest dogs back to back. One on a Friday the other on the Monday that followed. The Parti Cocker Spaniel which we had to put down on a Friday was 19 year and 9 months old. He was a rescue we had gotten when he was 8 years old. The Sheltie Corgi was a rescue as well. He was rescued after my previous Sheltie / Corgi was struck by a car. He lived to be 14 year and 1 month. We had just celebrated his Birthday with a trip to the beach for a week, Two weeks after we lost them, we introduced two new rescues to the pack. Now six months later we are all pretty well adjusted.


It is important to know that dogs like humans mourn. While introducing a new dog to the pack at this time isn't always optimum each situation must be judged individually. For us it was absolutely the right thing to do. Our lab needed the morning fetch companion that he had in Buddy and he found that in Cooper. For us it worked.


The Puppy Crazies

Ever have a dog just start running around like crazy? Maybe in big circles or around the room or Yard? Knocking over nick knack's and various other items without seeming to even be aware or care. You know that all the yelling for them to stop is futile. Some call it the Puppy Crazies and some call it the Zoomies. What it is actually is a FRAP ( Frenetic Random Activity Period.) While this is not harmful to your dog it is a sign of lack of exercise or to much anxiety and can cause some damage to your surroundings. My Cooper usually has a FRAP in the morning. I try and expel the energy each morning by taking him and his older brother Joe to play fetch in a secure area where they can run longer distances than just in our yard. When his sister Patsy gets up and she has her Burst of energy he tends to get another. I contain them to the yard closing of access to the house and once they have expelled the energy the doors open. And they are let back in.


The best way to keep them from destroying your house during this time is by keeping them in the yard and monitoring them and being aware of when the behavior is coming on. A sign that your dog is about to have a FRAP is excessive bowing. Sometimes it can also be set off by trigger like coming from the groomers or playing a game. When dogs go into FRAP never chase or yell at them it adds fuel to their fire and they are not listening because they are off in their own little world.. I had the scary situation of being somewhere with my Lab and my Irish/Golden playing fetch when Cooper the Irish/Golden) went into FRAP mode. He ran off and in this case I got in the golf cart and chased after him because I knew I could get ahead of him and block his way. I did so and through a ball the other direction and it snapped him out of it. What I am learning is this can be a real trial and error thing because each dog is different. For me doing the exact opposite of what you should do worked because I had a motorized cart that I could get a head of him and block his way. For some dogs a simple refocusing will calm the FRAP's but it is always best to keep them contained in a yard they can't break free from or wreck to badly.


What are you chewing on now


Two of the dogs we currently have are still puppies and as such like to chew anything they can get there paws on. We have a vestibule bench that had a cowhide placed on it and tucked into place. A few pillows and it looked nice We soon started seeing pieces of cow hide on the ground in different areas of the house. The cow hide on the bench seem to look okay that was until we were cleaning and moved a pillow. There wasn't enough cow hide chewed off to be real concerned and we decided we would monitor it. Well it wasn't long before we actually saw one of the pups go and rip a piece off. We took it from her and replaced it with a raw hide.. we try and do this every time they get at something the shouldn't have.They have since stopped chewing the hide but, they chew plenty of other things.


Dogs are naturally going to chew on things it is the nature of the beast. We want them to chew on things that are safe for them not harmful. There are many reasons why dogs chew things they shouldn't. Stress, anxiety, boredom, anger and just because they are puppies. What can we do about it? And what shouldn't we do about it?. Let us start with the second question. What shouldn't we do about it? Scold or make an example of in anyway the behavior. Why? Because it does no good what so ever. Dogs will remember you scolding them a lot longer than why you did . By the time we find the chewed up Item they have already forgotten about it and showing it to them before scolding them also does no good. All you end up with is a dog that is terrified of you.


What do you do then. Simple, keep Items you don't want chewed out of reach. Give them toys and chews they can chew on and engage them with them as much as possible. If you work all day take some time before work and engage them in activity that will tire them out and then let them sleep in their kennel. Repeat the process when you get home. You can also higher a dog walker to come and get them out during the day and walk them as well as play with them (Yes dog walkers do more than just walk your dog.) If you have a yard they can run in that helps as well. The key with everything is not in Scolding but taking time to help your dog learn what can be chewed and what can't. By providing them with things that can be chewed and reinforcing it by actively engaging them.( We make a deal out of treats and get them all gathered around.) Chewing is something that is innate in dogs so all we can really do for dogs prone to chewing is provide them with the right things to chew and keep the wrong things out of reach. Most dogs will stop a lot of the chewing behavior after they have left Puppydom. Some dogs may chew all their lives. Getting them to chew the right things can keep them from harm

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Well until next time Keep your paws off the counter and we'll bark at you later



Blessings to you and your pets.




Joe, Cooper, Patsy Rusty and Pop's





Dog thoughts



Well I was waiting for Breakfast like I usually do – Tip toeing on my belly across the line till I'm in the kitchen. As usual Pops turned around and caught me. He put up his hand like he always does and ordered me out of the kitchen and to sit. And as I stared at daddy's hand I realized he had food all over his fingers from mixing our bowls and all I could think was do I lick his fingers or sit?


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