Tuesday's a Good day for Travel



By r.e. bertlow




Hey there Kiddo can we have a conversation before you leave?


Sure Pop's, I was hoping we would get the chance.


Kiddo I know you need to leave. Before you do I want you to know that your the Best Son in the entire world.


Well I had some good roll models in you and Mom.


So Paris it is.


Actually it's France but I plan to see Paris.




Hey Pop's?

Yes Kiddo.

I love you.

I love you to Kiddo to the Moon and Back.

So when does your flight leave?

Soon as I board. Will you and Mom take me to the Airport?

Kiddo of course we wouldn't have it any other way my Luv.

Pop's I'm afraid to leave mom.


Sweet boy don't you worry I and Steve are here for her always.


I know. Promise Pop's?


Yes Kiddo I promise. Know we need to get going kiddo their expecting you.


I know, I know Pop's


Here we are Kiddo.



I know Kiddo Awesome isn't it.

It's so bright Pop's

Well that is because it is suppose to be kiddo.

Kiddo, I'll miss you to the moon my sweet prince.

Hey Pop's someday you will be able to travel with me both you Steve and mom.

Someday Kiddo Someday.

You watch Pop's it will seem like a Nanno Second before we are all together again.

To you my beautiful boy but, for us it will seem more like an eternity.

Are your sisters meeting us at the Airport?

Ya they'll be there. It will be good to see them.

Yes it will Kiddo.

Pop's I'm not sure I should go.

Kiddo we talked about this. This is your destiny my beautiful boy.

I know Pop's I Know. You sure Mom will be Okay.

No Kiddo she won't but Steve I and your sisters and her's will get her through.

I think your moms coming to stay with us after you leave.

Pop's will you and mom hold my hand while I board? I'm feeling like a scared Kid like after Grandpa had told the Bear Story.

Kiddo I held you when you arrived here and I will hold you as you start your new Journey.

Your Aunt Sharon and your best friend Fallon want to ride to the Airport to send you off so we told them they could ride with us. Desi and her aunt Imee will be alone as well and your Sister Sade and her Husband Ed are also on they're way.

I hope you don't mind Pop's I invited Monica and Niko as well.

No Son that's Okay but we need to get going.

Okay Pop's

Hey Kiddo why is it you like to Travel on Tuesday?

Cause Tuesday's a Good day to travel Pop's Good Rates and Stellar flights.

Awesome Kiddo, Hey it's time to get going.


She'll be okay to a degree.

And you Pop's ? I'll do what I have always done my sweet boy Be their in any way I can,

Will you be okay Pop's.

Yes Kiddo I will be okay;

Nice plane Kiddo. Oh Theresa send her regards she said she couldn't make the send off but her and her husband send they're love.

Pop's mom looks sad.

That's because she is son, She's a happy kind of sad. She's happy for your new journey but sad you have to go.

I could stay Pop's.

No Kiddo it's time for your new journey. Your moms going to be fine.

Your sister Desi should be here soon.

Hey Pop's I invited Niko and Monica as well as the Dr,

That's okay kiddo.

They may be a little late.

Well we can't wait forever for them.

Why not?

Kiddo you have a flight to be on your Grandma Dorthy and Grandpa Hank and others are waiting to at .the gate in France.

Pop's I need to have them here.

Okay Kiddo

Well at least your sisters are here.

Pop's will you and mom stay with me until I have to take off?

Of course we will Kiddo.

Kiddo I love you to the moon and back my boy.

I know Pop's I love you to.

You made me a better man and in the course a better dad.

Don't be sad Pop's.

Kiddo it is hard not to when your seeing your only child off on his knew Journey.

Hey Pop's Thanks for stepping in to be my Dad.

Kiddo thank you for letting me.


Don't cry Pop's remember Nanno Seconds.

I'm gonna miss Carpool Karaoke.

Me to Pops.

Baby Come Back Any kind of full can see.


I know, I know I'm a goofball but you where right there with me



Pop's do I have to go?


Kiddo you don't really have a choice. Look you will love France and you can send use postcards or contact us when ever you need.


Promise Pop's

Yes my sweet Prince. Pop's loves you to the Mom and back and I will always be there for you Kiddo.

I love you Pop's.

Kiddo it's almost time to go.

I guess Richie can't make it,

No Kiddo but he say's he will stop by the house later.

Hey there's Monica and the Doc but no Niko.

Oh I forgot to tell you Niko called and said he had a family emergency and couldn't make it.

You go greet your friends kiddo and then it's time to go my luv.

Okay Pop's.

I wish mom weren't so sad.

Well kiddo we'll keep her safe and eventually she won't be so sad, Kiddo time for us to get off the big air bus and time for you to fly.


I love you to the Moon and back Kiddo

You to Pop's


You Journey Safely Kiddo,


I will Pop's I will.


Your Mom Steve and I will be with you before you know it.


 I know Pop's nanno seconds, nanno seconds, Love you Pop's


To the Moon and Back Kiddo to the Moon and Back.

All rights resereved (c) the ImperfectArtist 206- r.e. bertlow